youth crime level has increased rapidly in many countries. What are the reasons? What parents and teachers could do about it?

In the majority of the nations, teenage offences are increasing at a faster pace.


essay discusses the causes behind increased violence, and the role of


and educators to reduce it.


, youngsters, who are involved in criminal activities, are either because of their past trauma


as their Parent_s separation or have faced bullying in the classroom.

In other words

, these young individuals might have gone through tough times and situations, and are not aware of how to handle these scenarios, which could lead them to



In addition

, the negligence of their guardians is another factor leading to the misdeed.


, it is important to have a mother or father on their side who can support and guide them in finding the right path.

For example

, a study conducted by St. George, one of the top four schools in Canada, reported that 50% of students involved in crimes faced bullying by peers in their classroom.




should take care of their teens_ company and their behavioural patterns,

as a result

, it is crucial for fathers to spend time with their sons


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so that a child can become comfortable sharing his problems.


is to say,


must bond with their kids.




play an important role in students_ life because young men spend 60% of their time in school and


could easily identify if the young ones are involved in any unlawful practices.


could understand a student_s behaviour by analysing various factors


as lack of focus in studies, low grades in assignments and particular behavioural patterns.


can provide counselling and can help their classes by providing solutions to their issues. To illustrate, in 2019, The Times reported that countries like Japan, which provide student counselling in schools, have reduced the rate of youth crimes by 70%.

In Conclusion, the two major reasons for youth crime are associated with past traumatic life events and negligence.To reduce the Crime rate


should spend time with juveniles and


should provide counselling to students in need.

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