Young people are often influenced in their behaviors and situations by others in the same age. This is called “peer pressure”. Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

It is widely believed that teenagers_ personalities are more related to their peers rather than their parents or teachers since, and


is an accurate preposition because at


age children spend more time and develop a more intimate relationship with friends.
On the positive side, peers set plenty of good examples for each other. If teenagers are committed to do well at school or do their best in a sport


they can affect who around them to be more goal-oriented, as well. Observing others working hard to achieve their goals will definitely encourage teenagers to put more effort into their own target.


, peer


can provide a wider perspective of the world they are living in. The most efficient way to acquire knowledge and useful skills is to learn from the peers that they socialize with.

On the other hand

, it is undeniable that peer


can be a very destructive force. Some youngster will use extreme methods to defeat their classmates who are better than themselves.

For instance

, a student kills his roommate due to his grades.


, the impact of peers can discourage adolescents from thinking independently. In some cases, they have to think and act the same as the group that they are in. Peer


leads young people to follow what their peers feel is right, resulting in a loss of independence in behaviour and thought.
To sum up, in my opinion, peer


has more negative impacts,


, it can be beneficial in some cases to improve adolescents_ individual.

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