Young people are often influenced by their peers. This is called peer group pressure.Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages.

Nowadays, more than societal influence is the influence of friends.


, choosing a set of buddies can make or break a person_s life. The term peer pressure is gaining popularity these days and I firmly believe that its demerits surpass the merits it poses. In


essay, I will delve deeper into explaining both aspects and provide supporting reasons for my perspective.

To commence with, the younger generation,


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remains in the company of zealous youngsters,


chances are it will lead to increased productivity. To be more clear, the type of companions an individual carries affects their choices and capacity to make decisions.

For example

, in the case of teenagers, if a teen is befriending toppers,


chances are that he or she might top the class as well. In


situations, a positive impact can be noticed.


, as young, adults the road to a better lifestyle more or less depends on the surroundings one settles in.

For instance

, if a grown-up is in the presence of successful entrepreneurs. It is more likely that the person will strike for a more prosperous life in their own field. To illustrate, Mark Zuckerberg before starting Facebook was affected by Bill Gates a lot. They were good friends and


kicked off Mark Zuckerberg_s marvellous career.

On the other hand

, if one falls under the vicious circle of wrong pals, it could cause disastrous effects. To be more specific, it could lead to addiction to various drugs like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. To exemplify, house parties in metro cities most often include snorting these cannabinoids.


, even if one doesn_t want to indulge in it they are forced to.


, the trend of drinking alcohol and smoking at a drop of a hat is highly prevalent these days. To give a clear example, at in-office parties in the name of stress-busting, some employees consume alcohol. Not only do they put their own health in jeopardy but push others as well to do the same.


, the majority of youth under peer pressure develop a string of bad habits.

To summarise, the benefits of thrust put by our companions at times pushes us to perform excellently.


, the pros are pale

in significance

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in comparison to the cons which are highly hazardous.

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