Young people are much more aware of and concerned about issues like the environment, poverty, and animal welfare than previous generations. What is your own opinion? Give reasons and examples.

It is said that the teenagers are paying more attention to those common problems happening in human_s daily life. Personally, I find


appealing for some reasons as now will be discussed.
On the one hand, nowadays young people are exposed to a vast amount information from sources


as the Internet, media or friends.


, their self- awareness of responsibilities toward these issues has seen much better.

For example

, the wide spread of news about social activities, projects or campaigns, strengthens more motivation and attracts teenagers, students. The power and development of technology


provide the youth with knowledge of events about the degradation of the environment as well as lack of welfare for animals. They can depend on those useful statements to avoid or seek for some measures.

On the other hand

, people come from antecedent generation have a tendency to put those practical solutions into actions daily. The adult has more experiences and extraordinary abilities to carry out the ideas. Take the activists as an example, they encourage, inspire the young people to take part in events and together solve the current issues. Different from the teenagers who would follow the instruction and the crowd, the older ones work as they want and volunteer.
In conclusion, the young people_s cognitive skills about those public concerns has considerably increased due to the opportunities as I have mentioned above. The aged citizens,


, have their own way to face up to the issues.

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