You stayed at your friend_s house when you attended a conference in Australia. Unfortunately, you left a large envelope with some important documents in your room.



the last of the four Gospels in the New Testament

Hope you_re doing well. I would like to thank you for your hospitality during my visit.
I am blessed to have a generous friend like you as I still can_t forget the way you treated me. The stay was totally comfortable, where you greeted me with your warm friends and family. The food was amazing, as it was filled with extreme taste and variety.


, the amazing sights, which you took me to numerous eye-catching places.
Unfortunately, I left my imperative documents at your home.


is due to my haste in packing my luggage at the departure day. The papers are enclosed in a blue file with my name and address on top of it. If I remember well, it should be on the table in your study room.
I would like you to courier the file to my address with express delivery option. Because, it had all the reports and feedbacks of my conference, which I had attended in Australia, I_m nearing my deadline to submit


file to my manager. So I would like you to the needful.
I hope you consider the importance and mail the documents as soon as possible.
Lots of love,

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