you recently took an IELTS test and there some problems that you believe affected your score. write a letter to the British council or IDP. in your letter explain what happened say if other candidates were affected and explain what you would like the BC/IDP to do.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a candidate for your British Council examination. I am writing


letter in regard to the complications that I had faced in the British Council examination centre.

I took my IELTS paper


Saturday on 21th of August in Bloor West, Toronto. My exam centre code was 31A3B.


of all, the temperature of the examination hall was too high.

As a result

, all students were sweating and it distracts their concentration.


, in the reading session both the examiners talking loudly with each other and laughing. That was the major reason I lost my band score in reading.

Most of the other test takers were affected because of these issues. In the end, everybody is concerned about that situation and feeling scared that it will definitely drop their points.

I want the British Council


Change the verb form
to take

Takes doesn_t seem to work here.

show examples


matter seriously as we pay a high amount of money to take that test. They must hire qualified and sincere invigilators.

In addition

, the temperature should be appropriate according to the outside weather.


but not least, if the environment of the assessment centre will be good, it would assist applicants to get their desired marks.

Hope you will take relevant action with respect to


affair as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Jagdeep Kaur.

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