Write a letter to a transport office about a problem with the transportation system in your area. • Describe the situation you are facing • Why do you consider it a problem • What change you would like to recommend.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing


letter to inform you about a problem that we are having in our neighbourhood, because of a lack of bus stops.

Every morning I have to walk a long distance to board a public transport vehicle to reach my office.


means that I have to wake up early in the morning to be on time for my job because the bus stop is about two kilometres far from my street.

Due to the long-distance, I have to spend more time travelling to and from my office than I need to.

As a result

, I don_t get adequate rest and free moments to accomplish household chores and spend time with my children.

In order to fix


problem, I request you to establish at least two bus stops 250 meters from my street.


will really help people in our neighbourhood.

I hope to hear from you soon about the measures you are taking to address




, I am willing to offer any other information that you need about



Yours sincerely,

Atiq Azizi

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