Write a letter inviting your friend to a family function. Tell him/her: -What the occasion is -What your plans are -Why it is important he/she comes

Dear Mike,

How are you? How is your family? I hope everyone is ok in these uncertain times. I have not seen you for ages and miss you so much. I think you remember

I_ve told you that my father bought a new summer house and


weekend we are going there for a barbecue and celebration of Oktoberfest with my extended family. As you are almost an elder brother for me, I would like you to come to the celebration. Frankly speaking, it won_t be as fun as it could be if you are not able to come.

Let me give you some details of how everything is going to be. Everywhere we are going to put big pumpkins for decoration.


, my husband will prepare pickled meat and salad with cucumbers and tomatoes on me. As well as salad, I will bake your favourite apple pie. For the beverage, we are going to purchase different kinds of beer and craft one among them.

We are not going to take children and the elderly with us, so it will be a really funny and restful weekend. Please, come and take your wife with you, I will be happy to spend time with her.

I am looking forward to your earliest answer.

Take care,


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