Why do people waste food? How can food waste be reduced?

Every day thousands of kilograms of


are discarded all over the world, increasing pollution and being completely unfair with millions of people who struggle to put a plate on the table on a daily basis.


waste is not only unnecessary but


easy to minimize if some actions are taken from different actors of society. In



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I will outline some strategies that can be followed in order to attend


unjust behaviour.

Individuals, supermarkets and restaurants are the main ones responsible for throwing away aliments. Attacked by a skyrocket offer, many people tend to buy way more


than they can possibly eat, leading to out-of-date items pilling up at the bottom of the fridge.


, at the end of each shift, restaurants and supermarkets discard unbelievable numbers of perfectly good to consume items by claiming the so-called “quality standards”. As a consequence, the amount of


waste is reaching unacceptable levels.

There are a number of actions that can be taken in order to address




, individuals should raise awareness and develop more efficient shopping conduct.

For example

, buying only what will certainly be consumed, probably by planning a weekly menu and doing groceries more often but for fewer items. Regarding retailers, a good strategy for not discarding


that does not meet their standards, is offering it at a lower price or even giving it for free to people who need it the most and are not able to afford it.


, as long as every actor plays their part, it is possible to reduce organic waste by encouraging a more sustainable behaviour towards



In summary, the number of aliments discarded daily is a serious matter that should be everyone_s concern. Both individuals and companies should put efforts together to minimize


effect, but it is


advisable that governments include


issue in their agenda to guarantee its effectiveness.

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