Weddings are getting bigger and more expensive. What is the reason for this? Is it positive or negative development?

Regardless of caste, religion or culture,


are always considered one of the most cherished events in a person_s life. Over the past decade, marriages are becoming more extravagant and the preparations are ever more costly. In my opinion, I would say that


lavish expenditure is a negative development.


and foremost, to understand the reason for the drastic change in the matrimonial industry, we need to look at our society. We live in a community where we seek attention and approval from others.


, parents want to give their children the best of what they can give, maybe even more, especially when their children are going to start a family of their own, of which, marriage is the


stepping stone.

For example



nowadays are getting more and more unique and custom-tailored activities and rituals just to impress others.


, the need to show off or the need to give your child the best experience can be considered some of the reasons for unnecessarily huge and big-budget






trend is creating several negative effects. The


is the declining marriage rates among youngsters, because of the fact that most of them cannot afford to have a wedding. Some even wind up taking loans. Another drawback is that the couple who are getting married, end up spending most of their life_s savings on a single day event which in turn makes their future rather difficult.

For instance

, with most of their money spent on their marriage, these couples struggle when it comes to buying a house to settle down or making both ends meet when they have children.


, it becomes vividly clear that lavish marriages are causing negative impacts on younger and future generations.

To conclude, the number of fancier and costlier


is great, but in my opinion, with reasons


as declining marital rates and future financial issues,


approach will be neither be beneficial for the couple nor the society.

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