Wealthy nations should assist poorer countries with humanitarian relief during natural disasters. Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that developing nations undergoing some forms of natural catastrophe ought to be lifted by the developed states who can render help with human resources.


essay agrees with


statement because it is morally justifiable for them to assist the


world nations and to


reduce the number of casualties during those periods.

The highly developed and richer nations are morally justified when they give assistance to the


most vulnerable

. These underdeveloped nations that are struck by an act God


as flooding, hurricane, earthquake and fires does not have the technical know-how to combat these issues.


, it is the duty of some morally standing richer states to come to their aid with their knowledge and other resources like food, shelter and clothing.


, the people form these developing countries will be forced to immigrate illegally to the developed nations in


the form

of refugee which might be a stress on their economy. A recent study showed that there is an increasing number of European countries sending relief materials to the poverty-stricken states during unexpected occurrences.

Another vital reason for giving support to the less privileged nations is to prevent an increasing number of fatalities

as a result

of the calamity. There would be an escalation of these issues if these developing countries experiencing a natural occurrence

does not receive

do not receive

aid from powerful and highly developed nations. During a period like


, the health care facilities would have been over-stretched thereby requiring



from wealthier nations which will decrease the rate of mortality. It was reported in a popular newspaper that the United States of America supplied one of the East African countries with a formidable health care services when the nation was attacked by the deadly Ebola disease.

In conclusion, when

the poorer

the poorest

states are in distress, the richer nations are to be blamed because it is ethical for them to render basic amenities of life and


to minimize the effect of the tragedy.

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