we cannot help everyone in the world that needs helps, so we should only be concerned with our own communities and countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The writer_s view, there is a hot debate over helping to the everybody that needs it to run the universe.


, the priority in each society should attend their situation.


, I


disagree with the idea that either governments or peoples should help them at any price. For


purpose, there are different ways, like supportive and charity international and regional institution.


, it is clearly fanciful that we can help all the needy people in the run the cosmos.


, every country or each one faces a lot of problems.


, in most countries the issue of deficit the budget is an important obstacle to aim for giving opportunities to people for a better life with more amenities. Should the governments or each person helps to other people in the macrocosm, it would be hard to attend their people or their life.


, it could be causing problems


as destitute, jobless and so on.


, for helping to the people who are needing it, there are different ways that do not necessarily need government or persons.

In other words

, should they tend to help the other people, they would help to them by own expense.


, for


case, international and regional institutions and organization were created by a group of countries.

For example

, the red cross or red crescent has helped the people who hand to mouth in the run the vale.


, the people have suffered from war or natural disasters.


, these institutions can attend the deprived people better than others.
In conclusion, as I have noted above, I believe that the useful initiative in supporting the needy people, is using international and regional supportive institution.


, it would be wrong to use governmental aids for



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