Video games are very popular with children. However, some parents feel that video games can have a negative impact on their children, but others believe that they may have some positive effects. How do you feel about children playing video games? Give specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

The conundrum about the benefits


games has been ever-present since its invention. Some guardians believe that


games have a detrimental effect on their progeny;


, others are of the view that it has a few advantages. I concur that these games certainly will have many undeniable benefits if its usage is optimized.

To begin

with, it requires considerable amount of mental agility,


it improves cognitive skills.


, children who


games are often observed to have a high intelligence quotient since these games require constant calculations. To illustrate, according to an academic research done at Cambridge University, students who played


games at least an hour a day demonstrated mental ability to solve math problems.




games provide its users with ability to make an accurate choices in stressful conditions. Undoubtedly, they constantly play


games under the fear of losing,

as a result

, they learn to cope with catastrophic situations effectively.

For instance

, in a psychological experiment avid users of


games have remarkable decision making skills under stressful conditions.

In conclusion, having discussed its upside, I am in concord with the notion that


games can have an incremental effect on a child psychology if they utilize it.


, it not only enhances cognitive skills, but


improves their survival instinct.

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