Tourists damage ,any historical places, making them harder to preserve. what are some of the reasons for this ? suggest some ways to resovle this promblem

The meaning of travelling has been increasingly significant in a fast-moving and dynamic society. The question here is whether or not it is challenging to conserve the historical sites. Before giving a reasonable answer to that, it is important to look at the debate from following angles.


, it is worth mentioning the reason why travellers tend to damage ancient sites. It can be seen that most of tourists nowadays are getting too excited while they are travelling,


, they forget the historical significance. Perhaps one typical reason why that argument still remains valid is holidaymakers longing to have memorable experiences, but they don_t consider the fragility of these historical locations.

For instance

, the Colosseum in Rome was damaged by tourists.


, there should be solutions to solve


issue. From another perspective, it can be observed that the tourism agency must organize comprehensive educational programs for tourists. There exist examples of


, and the clear one is the case of those who open an education program in the United Kingdom. Another illustration supporting


is, the UK government wants to illustrate the reason why preservation and history are important. In short, the government should conduct a strict policy to protect antiquity sites.

In conclusion,


writing examines a variety of the given question. Taking broader speculations of


matter, the results

also lies

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in how people from various backgrounds and ages might interpret it. Whereas


matter would remain open for


discussion, I state my view that government and tourism concentrate on preserving the historical sites.

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