Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The consumerism is not something new.


, in the modern world, it has become something abstract and constant in our daily life.


can be explained by the power of the


. It has given tools to boost the advertisement power of persuasion.


, the fact that the fast paced world environment has affected people_s mental health.


, I strongly agree that nowadays people consume goods because they are lead to that, neither because they really need it nor wanted.


as a result

of the


, we have been a lot more exposed to advertisements. Indeed, these advertisements have been improving their persuasion technics. In fact, they keep “following” you through your social media platforms. With the use of smartphones,

for instance

, you

are caught

have caught
are catching

the attention for products that you even did not know you need it. Indeed, as soon as we check any of our social media profiles there it is that product we just had talked to our friend about it.


, still related to


, our way of shopping has been changing. Having access to websites


as Amazon, and a variety of supermarket platforms, we do not need to leave our homes anymore to buy anything.


facility is making our time of decision shorter, which can be dangerous and make impulsive consumers buy products that they did not need. Whereas, not so long time ago,


time of decision was longer as we need to go outside, visit more than one place to search for better prices.

These whole changes brought by the advancement of the




been making people feel more stressed as well as depressed.

Accordingly several

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Accordingly, several

studies conducted by universities from Vancouver, in the near future, depression will be the


reason of deaths in the entire world. Scientists


show that for many people with mental health problems, to buy is a way to release it.


, these consumers will buy because it is for them a way of fixing the problem, making them feel happier.

In conclusion, I greatly agree that the power of the advertising is the main reason why people buy certain products which they usually did not need it.

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