Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real need of the society in which the are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued by some people that the power of advertising has a higher influence on sales than the real needed by people. I agree with


, because the neoliberal system, which exists in the majority of countries, can survive if individuals buy goods that are not essential. In my opinion, whether society buys only things of primary needed is likely that the economy would suffer a negative impact.

In the world commonly is understood as products of primary needed, which allow us to survive,


as the food, a few clothes or artefacts that give us security. Today, there are a variety of all of them, and if we buy the most economist product probably could live quite well.


, when a person goes to the shopping, their purchase is not only influenced by their needed, rather, is impacted by the publicity which give us an identity.

Nowadays, the advertisement is crucial for the economy,


companies invest several amount of money in publicity which makes to people believe that need one product. Actually, statistics show higher sales in goods that are not so necessary,


as the


edition of smartphones, fast fashion or big televisions. In my opinion,


happens to the power of advertising, which have the message that if you have those things will be more accepted.

In conclusion, as we live in an epoch where there are a massive consumerism is obvious that the higher sales will be for the work of the advertisement and not for the fact that a person need something. Every day people want the most popular products, which tell us if you have it will be cool.

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