Today more and more tourists are visitin places where conditions are difficult , such as sahara desertor the Antartica. What are the advantages and disadvantages for the tourists who visit such places.

It is believed that nowadays there are a lot of towns that travellers are able to visit, the in spite of the conditions are the hardest,

for example

, Sahara desert Antarctica.


essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks side of visiting some residences for tourists.

To begin

with, from my perspective, there are plenty of countries which are touristic, breathtaking, flawless. The


and foremost reason for sightseer are travelling some countries whilst they always get to know regarding for some time.

For example

, some communities where are really awful like a so humid and so cold


as Antarctica and Deserts.


, they are likely to receive something bad for their health


as flue or headache. The biggest disadvantage side of


sort of room is the weather it causes the world to be a bit warmer.

On the other hand

, attempting of the advantages side of visiting these adrenaline positions is that people are able to make progress and take the experience each other apartment.

In addition

, some inhabitants love to be scared and have the adrenaline that they can do everything.

For example

, some public considers the best way to keep the same situation from


life which is too short.


, they try to do everything they like in



As a result

, it makes people feel perfectly, comfortably, and enjoyably.

To sum up, in my personal opinion, the


thing is that, tourists should travel to the area that they want to visit and it should make them full of joy indeed. All in all, it relates to the person_s ability and personality,


inhabitants who have been able to donate their position

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