To much money is being spent on reestablishing old buildings ,it would be better to spent this money on building new buildings. do you agree or disagree

It has long been suspected that it might be better to construct a modern building as opposed to recreating ancient buildings which require a large number of sums. Although ,personally I can neither complete agree nor disagree with this statement because every coin has two sides

Some people claim that it’s quite beneficial to spend money on reestablishing old buildings . I contradict the above claim and believe that money should be spent on new buildings due to the following reasons. Firstly, the astonishing design of the new buildings forms the first impression in every individual and therefore, makes it more eye-catchy and pleasurable. This scenario can be possible by forming new buildings and can’t be achieved by building old ancient buildings .

Also , congenial varieties of hotels accommodated with profound facilities such as swimming pools, luxuries hotels as well as foods ranging from Continental to Indian foods can be supplemented to enhance the beauty of the hotels making it more aesthetical . For instance , Largess the biggest hotel in Pakistan offers a large variety of food ranging from Chinese cuisines to Arab cuisines.

On the other hand , money can also be invested in building parks and gardens near the boundaries of each building making it more mesmerizing, thereby provide a calm and relaxed environment for the people . This enhances the economic and financial status of the country by attracting various tourists across the globe. 

The conclusion to be drawn is that  new buildings have a significant impact on developing infrastructure, I genuinely think that governments and organizations should equally pay attention to a new type of construction.

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