These days,too many people maintain their health by relying on doctors and medicine,rather than by following a healthy lifestyle Do you agree or disagree



modern era, with the change in our culture, easy access to medicine and doctors let the people forget the healthy lifestyle.



trend increases health issues are


increasing in parallel. In my perspective, more active people still dependent on their life routine than doctors.

Nowadays people prefer to have more organic and nutritious cooking. They are finding a plethora of nutrients and rich vitamins than preserved foods.

For instance

, bachelors find home-cooked diet as healthy and delicious than the takeaway. Though junk snack tastes better, the nutritious value what we get from the home-cooked has more value.


human beings tend to follow a healthy diet rather than visiting doctors often.

In addition

, physical exercise can help them keep fit and solid. Maintaining a good body can encourage a person both in and out.

For example

, somebody who is lean perhaps feels lighter than the individual who is stout.


, performing exercise and yoga can make a human being a better and confident human both physically and mentally.


, most of


generation are visiting the gym than following modern medicines.

In conclusion, Physical exercises can be painful,


,helps to maintain good health for a longer period. Despite modern medicines are readily available in the market, meditation and yoga give a huge benefit.


, people should be encouraged to stay fit and healthy through yoga and physical exercise.

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