These days, many university courses are offered through the internet. Some people think that online teaching has more advantages than conventional classroom teaching or lectures, while others claim that there are significant disadvantages. Do the benefits of online teaching outweigh the disadvantages?

Over recent years, education on the internet is becoming significant and ubiquitous. It is believed by some people that learning


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online has more benefits than studying in the classroom and lectures, while others cite that there are obvious negations. In the essay, I will analyse both perspectives and conclude with my own opinion.

To begin

with, one side of the argument. There are many positives to online learning.


of all, nowadays learning through online media is convenient and accessible from everywhere, especially when students have to educate during the pandemic.

For instance

, in the pandemic era, distancing is necessary. Some students were affected by covid-19, they need to cure themselves and stay at home.


means that these learners should gain knowledge the same as others through online teaching.


, it is much more economical, as there is much less financial outlay on buildings and amenities.


, international students do not have the expense of travel and accommodation away from home.

On the other hand

, the main factor that has drawbacks in


situation is that many young learners may not understand their lessons as they should.

In other words

, they are attracted easily by social media or games online. When they study, if they do not have their parents to control them, they might be interested in other things than their lesson.


, it is difficult to stay focussed on their course. Online classes do not provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with other people, they should listen to their teacher to get the knowledge.

In summary, It is undeniable that learning through the internet has more benefits and makes our life more convenient than staying in the classroom. Personally, I believe that in the situation of the pandemic, we should protect ourselves and use others_ ways to survive and these courses can be good for people.

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