There is an increasing trend around the world of married couples deciding not to have children. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for couples who decide to do this.

The decision not to have children has increasingly become prominent among married couples in all parts of the world.



trend helps couples to achieve finical stability, it decreases the number of population.


essay will discuss the merits and downsides of


new direction.


trend might help married people to achieve financial security. Having children means more expenses, which may prevent parents from raising their standards of living. Without children, they can work hard to attain their dreams by taking all the risks and opportunities. A recent study made by Oxford University found that 80 % of the parent_s budget went for their children_s essentials.


, the ultimate way to build a stable income is by opting not to get any babies.

The main disadvantage of


decision is that the number of people may decrease in the future. If more married couples opted to have any offspring, it would lead to human extinction. Breading contributes significantly to protecting human heritage because the children are the essential core of building a modernized civilization. The Sunday Times reported that the number of humans would be declined to half by 2030 if partners chose not to have children.


, it could create a deep gap in the


100 years, which puts them at the edge of extinction.

To sum up, there is a growing trend of having no babies when people get married. Despite the advantage of establishing a constant financial stream, it may negatively affect the human linage.

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