There are many people who go to live in different countries. To what extent should people be allowed to move freely between countries and live where they choose? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In recent years, there is a noticeable movement for the majority of people who endeavour to live away overseas,


, some countries open the doors for people freely while others put restrictions to control the situation, in


essay I will elaborate the pros and cons to travelling freely between countries.


of all, there are driving forces behind the desire of living in different countries


as seeking for a better-quality life in terms of financial matters and being familiar with other cultures, take me

for example

, My long-term dream is to be able to live abroad, particularly, in Canada, since there are numerous suitable opportunities for working with a high salary, on the one hand, it is a favourite destination for those who are seeking a better job with a perfect wage,

On the other hand

, Canada_s decision-makers could benefit from the expatriates, because there are vacant employments which need workers to run,


, it considers a win-win situation between the people and the government.


, moving into a new country has downsides




as discrimination and racism, which caused by citizens towards the new arrivals, In Time magazine,

for example

, reported that the rate of hate speech is increasingly growing upward in the USA, specifically against African immigrants,

As a result

, the number of crimes which related to racism has been increased.

To sum up, living in a new nation other than the home country has two faces, and if the one could confront the difficulties which will be experienced, certainly, the effort will pay off at the end, the essay believes that the benefits which result from travelling outweigh the obstacles.

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