The student who study from the school to university get benefit less and contribute less,than those of student who go to travel or job and get skills and experience brfore going high.Do you agree or disagree

It is often argued that students who receive formal education benefit far less compared to those who learn life skills through travelling across the world or working a job. I completely disagree with


opinion and believe that school education forms a strong foundation for one_s intellectual and personality development.


, attending university influences an individual_s social skills to a great extent.

In other words

, children build friendships and interact with their peers at school which helps boost their confidence and self-esteem.


, it inculcates feelings of motivation and a goal-oriented mindset from a very young age.

For example

, seeing their contemporaries excel in academics or sports brings about healthy competition pushing these young minds to work harder towards achieving their goals which in turn proves to be an essential value when they leave home for university or for the purpose of employment.


, schools build a code of conduct and discipline


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children. Kids learn to wake up on time, have a routine, make their hair and look presentable to attend school.


, attending lectures and meeting deadlines with homework and assignment teaches core habits


as punctuality and time management to one.

For instance

, children learn to utilize their time wisely, juggle between assignments and set deadlines for themselves turning them into more productive individuals.

To conclude, while certain street skills can be obtained through travelling and working a job, I believe that formal education has a vital role to play in the personality and character development of a person.

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