The range of technology available to people is increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. Others think it has an opposite effect. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

Some people opine that in the modern society, the technological advancements rise the gap between wealthy and poor people while others believe that it reduces the gap between them. As per my opinion, certain technologies diminish the difference between rich and poor.

On one hand, Certain innovations play a crucial role to decrease the gap between different salaried persons. The internet is one of the astonishing inventions of the technology. Nowadays, it is available and affordable to all range of people. It offers a plethora of scopes and the major are the free courses, job portal, online shopping and social networking sites. In older days, Generally poor people deprived of the necessary educational services. Due to availability of e-education, poor people attain the education at free of cost.


, most needy people have become victim of exploitation by employers.


, due to globalization and internet innovation, they can search for their jobs in international markets, which proffer them higher wages with the same amount of work.


, income can be raised by putting handcrafted or innovative products to online shopping portal which aids their monetary needs on sell.

On the other hand

, certain advancements in technology have not affordable to the impoverished people. Modern medicine, for an example, is expensive. The affluent people who developed cancer can attain treatment with high-tech medicines which having lower negative effects on their body with only a small portion of their income while poor people, on the other side, able to get conventional medical treatments after giving all of their income and still not guarantee to improvements in health.


, poor people are underprivileged with the luxurious items available in the market due to high cost.

In addition

to that, because of high-prised products only few options are there for them.

To conclude, some technological inventions have increased the difference between poor and affluent people while some decreased. I hope so that in future it can be reduced by use of technology.

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