The promoters of social media claim that they are connecting people and enabling people to share like never before. While critics claim that social media site often impinge upon one_s privacy. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, social media has provided a platform for people to share their views, which resulted in exponential growth in the usage of social media websites or apps. A group of people argue towards the benefits of social sites in providing freedom for the public to share their views extensively and a method to connect, whereas, another group argues against it, and claimed the fear of espionage of data by these platforms.


essay will discuss both views before laying down any conclusion.

To begin

with, the social media platforms provide the best mode to connect with friends and family, in spite of that, they offer the easiest mode to express opinions, share ideas and knowledge. These platforms are extensively used by users for elevating their business and marketing,


has expanded boundaries of our imagination.

In addition

to that,


mode helped to transform information into whole wide world in a blink of an eye, and possesses no restrictions to anyone. To illustrate, Facebook and Instagram, became part of everyone_s life, not only to socialize but to do business as well.

On the other hand

, the contradicting viewpoint of social media, using data for monetary purposes is seemingly true. Before entering into any social website, an enormous amount of data is required to sign-up,


will remain with the platform for eternity. Numerous data displayed on the web page ready to be scrutinized by notorious people and serious damage an individual_s privacy. To cite an example, in 2018, the Facebook database got hacked



10 seconds, caused nearly a million



data floating online, which became the reason for unauthorized transactions.
To conclude,


, social media is the best platform for sharing views and making people come closer,


, I opine that, these platforms can be breached, which may cause damage to the users.

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