The popularity of news media often has been significantly influential in people_s lives. Some people believe this to be a negative development. To what extent, do you agree or disagree with their opinion?

Online and print media is a great part of our everyday life. We are exposed to a lot of information and it cannot be argued that it has a huge impact on the kind of people we become. In my opinion, while it has been an important part of our lives in terms of exposure, it has been detrimental to our development. In


essay, I will state the reasons why I believe so.


, what we are exposed to is difficult to regulate.

As a result



, there is a lot of unwholesome information

that is

easily available. Constant exposure to every and any content causes an unconscious mindset change.


is because, who we are as humans, is

as a result

of the things we interact with. When you consume something enough times, your ideals and values align to said thing.


, because of how captivating news media is, we spend a lot of hours accessing it. Owing to


, it has led many of us to lose focus of other recreational things to do with our time. The effect of


is evident in the downward spike in our mental health. Times that could be spent on hobbies or being with family and friends is spent on the internet, on blogs and other platforms.

In conclusion, the disadvantages of what we are exposed to in media far outweigh the advantages. We all need to understand


and commit to doing better by consuming less and less.


will mean an overall improvement in how we lead our lives.

In addition

, we will pick and choose content that suits us and


become better people.

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