The number of people who are interested in an wearing fashionable clothes is increasing. Is this a positive or negative development?

In the recent times, there has been a steady rise in people becoming trendy and fashion conscious when it comes to clothing. The reasons for


could be either getting inspired from their film stars or even their desire to look elegant and appealing whenever they attend any gatherings or meetings.


is definitely a positive trend as getting up to date with fashion aids them to be confident and save them from getting judged by their looks.

Movies play a major role in influencing a person_s fashion statement. India, being a country full of cinema buffs, most of the people get instantly connected to the dressing styles used by their favourite stars and imagine themselves in their shoes. These people often tend to update their wardrobes according to the trend. For an instance, the results of the survey conducted by an online apparel website in recent times have depicted that there has been around 80 percent rise on the dressing styles which were followed in the movies.

Another reason that made people to follow the latest trends is their wish to look attractive and gain attention on their social gatherings or even day to day work life. People often tend to judge the other person by their dressing sense and their appearance. To support


, the recent findings of an online dating website have made it clear that most their users get instantly attracted to the users who look fashionably up to date.

In conclusion, getting updated with the latest trends in apparel definitely helps the person gel easily to any given situation and gather positive impression at the



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