The main purpose of public libraries is to provide books and theyshouldn_t waste their limited resources and space on providingexpensive hi-tech media such as computer software, videos andDVDs.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In recent years usage of public libraries for technological media has become increasingly popular. Most of them feel that libraries are providing too much emphasis on hi-tech media and they feel it_s not necessary.


essay will argue why supporting these media is entirely justified despite some issues.

Few people argue that libraries should be exclusively used only for providing the books. They claim that the idea of libraries is to create a platform for a variety of books which are


not found elsewhere. They


feel that some purposes of libraries like creating interest on books and improving book reading habits are diluted. Recently, there has been criticism from local societies on spending too much amount and space for computers and other media as they are available outside. These arguments made people to think that public libraries are used only for providing the books.

Despite the above mentioned issues, the idea of providing a platform and spending resources for technological media is completely necessary. As in recent years the internet and other electronic devices are widely used to gather information quickly and visual media like videos are useful to grasp the information in an effective and efficient way. They


provide the latest information and updates on every aspect from various sources. Many students utilize these resources for exam and job preparations which are


difficult to find. Overall, the usage of library resources for hi-tech media should be encouraged extensively.


essay argued that people who are against usage of library resources and space for hi-tech media have a flawed understanding of technology. In my opinion, latest technological devices should be utilized for better functioning of libraries despite the minor issues involved.

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