The Internet will never replace traditional course books in schools. How far do you agree with this prediction?

On the one hand, those who support a permanent employment argue that,


can bring many benefits to employees both professionally and personally.


, it takes time to develop meaningful professional relationships in the working place, which is essential for the job satisfaction.


, working for a company for a long time shows that loyalty of the staff, which assists them to secure promotions and other social security benefits.




makes the staff to become proficient in their work and even, they can work automatically as they develop a clear understanding of the nature of system, where they work.



on the other hand

, opponents of the above mentioned viewpoint believe that, by changing jobs, the employee would gain a variety of experiences which enrich their career prospects significantly. Currently, many companies require multi talented staff to meet the client demands;




definitely boosts career ladder. Nowadays, many companies which do not guarantee any job security, so changing and finding most suitable career can be unavoidable. Another factor is that satisfaction from the job they do, whenever workers feel dissatisfaction, they tend to search new jobs, even if they have got placed in a well salaried employment.

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