The internet has made knowledge immediately available through computers and smartphones all around the world. Much of the knowledge is also free. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

Nowadays, life depends on the internet because people can not think anything without technology in


modern world. During


period, some say that the web supports finding the information quickly and straight by using electronic devices all over the globe, and others believe that most of the material is free of cost. In


essay, I will explore the pros and cons of using sources from the internet and try to draw some conclusions.


, I will start by looking at the advantages, and one of the major plus points of using web learning is pursuing online study rather than going to an institute.

In other words

, the World Wide Web helps students complete their assessments speedily compared to a teacher.

For example

, research in


area shows that 70 per cent of pupils use laptops and handy smartphones to search the information or practice Youtube channels to find reliable information.


, that would help the needy children for preparation for study or exams.

In contrast

, despite having some merits, a growing number of people think that


can have some demerits.


, they trust that internet sources


as Instagram, Facebook, and so on are much more responsible for the damage of the nation.

For instance

, the public is excessively using social media;


, they are on the wrong track because they can easily access porn sites for free, which are harmful to the growth of their mind.


, in India, 80% of youngsters make use of social media for fun.




of benefiting from the references, they are becoming failures.

In conclusion,


there are both positives and negatives of


way of learning, the net services help individuals make better adoption of sources.


, in another way, many people find it unuseful to learn online because of some distractions. Personally, I believe it is essential to balance excellent and lousy knowledge, and high authorities should take sting actions to ban vulgar sites for young children.

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