The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing.

In the future, shops will be extinct since virtual stores have been increasing, indirectly promoting government norms to mitigate pandemics. I strongly agree, and I believe people will change their preferences to buy. Not only they would rather stay at home to save time, but they


to prevent contagious infectious diseases.

There is no doubt that shopping online is far more comfortable than in shops, mainly for buyers can surf the net comparing products_ prices quickly.

On the other hand

, it is possible to know the trends of prices and, in


way, select the best opportunity to purchase a product. Another positive aspect is shipping free or low cost, making possible to get products from distant places without going out home. For these reasons, people are getting used to buying online, and in the near future, it will boost sales changes.

Nowadays, new pandemics,


as COVID-19, are spreading rapidly.


, the WHO has recommended sanitary measures that aim to minimize the risk of contagious


as abstain from the shops and crowded places. In that context, online sales are rising, whereas shops are decreasing. According to economic reports from different countries, virtual sales are a lot more frequent than in 2019. For that reason, economists believe the tendency will continue to increase.

To conclude, online shopping will replace shops. It is associated not only with changes in consumers_ preferences, but


is imposed by new sanitary norms in a pandemic situation.


, it is clear how consumers_ behaviour can affect the modality of sales in the markets.

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