The government investment in art music and theatre is a waste of money. Government should invest these funds in public services instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.




believe a thriving arts industry is helpless to society, it can be a travel attraction that will generate money into the country positively.


, I partly agree; residents are the


priority in a nation, and the government should consider investing in well-operated community services to lift up


_s living standards too.

On one hand, the art field is an indispensable factor of a nation. It delivers chances for more income, and can effectively boost the tourism industry since it is an entertainment activity that can attract travellers to spend money around e.g., hosting an opera show.

For instance

, if we have well-known artists, museums, or


Fix the agreement mistake

It seems that theatre may not agree in number with other words in this phrase.

show examples

, it is practically gaining


_s attention. As said, no money is not wasted by investing in having great artists


it is one of the travel facilities if it is well-adjusted.

On the other hand

, the union should intend to heighten


_s daily living as it is part of their role by investing funds in societal works. Tax received by residents goods purchasing can be worthwhile by the investment in well-established society_s operations.

For example

, providing a school foundation that provides scholarships to students who are inaccessible to schooling to have more well-educated


, and increase crime rates in the community.


, society services are associated with residents_ distributions.


, the ministry should see it as a prerequisite.

To sum up, whether it is art or socio-development, they are parts of thriving a nation

that is

performed mainly by its government.

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