The first man to walk on the moon claimed it was a step forward for mankind. However, it has made little difference in most people_s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Science and technology have done many inventions and explorations which has influenced the making in a number of ways.One among them is the


walk of man on the


.There are folk who believe that it has positively affected humanity and has resulted in many benefits.


, the resources and cash invested in that can be exploited to support the individuals in multiple ways.I believe that the research on the


and other planets can be minimized and


efforts can be applied in different forms for society.


and foremost,everyone around the world got a realization that everything is possible by humans.By stepping the


foot on the




researches and studies happened based on its findings and investigations.


,it has given confidence among the scientists and researchers that there are research possibilities outside the earth and the community can make utilization of the resources found there.

For instance

, an immense number of researches are done for analyzing if life is possible on Mars and


figuring out planets that are similar to the earth.

On the contrary

,there is a society that believes that exploration on the


and other planets do not benefit society.


is due to the fact that the money and the energy spend on it could be used in diverse areas


as medicine , arts, and business and


to eradicate poverty.


that , the government and authorities can make use of their finance by creating a plethora of job opportunities.

As a result

, the youth will be the beneficiaries of it and they can be an asset to their nation.

To sum up,the exploration outside the earth can be made limited and time and energy can be made utilized for humans. Governments can explore a variety of ideas that can help the youth that helps them to achieve a good career and become financially stable.


, they can support the population who are starving.

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