The education of young people is highly prioritized in many countries. However, educating adults who cannot write or read is even more important and governments should spend more money on this. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The youth are considered as the most important group to be educated in most states, whereas some argue that educating illiterate grown-ups is more crucial than youngsters and more money should be funded on


. I am in favour of adults being trained due to the fact that their chance to find a


would grow and crime


caused by unemployment and poverty would reduce.

To begin

with, unemployment is one of the most worrying issues among illiterate older citizens nowadays and supporting them to learn about an occupation by vocational training would help them


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is because most adults who are not able to write or read are less confident and more unwilling for applying for jobs


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are already limited. If they are trained


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certain occupations, they will be provided with new skills and find jobs. As a natural result, the number of adults without a


would reduce and these people could send their children to school easily owing to their financial stability.

For example

, Canada is one of the pertinent examples, which has escalated its financial support on illiterate older generations and saw a considerable plunge in the


of unemployment among them.


, providing older generations who don_t have reading and writing experience with courses could plummet crime


as well. It is a well-known fact that being jobless and impoverished stand out as the most likely


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of offences. If those people were provided with the necessary knowledge for a certain occupation, they would be less involved in illegal activities.

For instance

, statistics from the Turkey government revealed that crime incidents have dropped by 30 % since 2014


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when occupational training


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for illiterate citizens started.

In conclusion, despite the young are being more essential in terms of education in some countries, others including me assert that due to more


opportunities and fewer offence


, people who can not read or write should be prioritized and more money should be spent on them.

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