The development of science and technology benefit our life. However, scientists cannot find effective solutions to the problems they created. To what degree or disagree with this option?

In more recent decades, the world has seen a massive developing science and


and it makes our life more comfortable and convenient.


, people argue that scientists


created some problems which they are not able to solve it easily. I will explain why I totally agree with


opinion in the following essay.

To begin

with, due to the development of science and


, scientists discovered how to make industrial materials, especially plastics which can use for many purposes in human_s living and industry.


, plastics have made a tremendous impact on the environment. Because they are a human-made and virtually indestructible material, they cannot be easily incinerated and takes a hundred years to decompose.


, it is still with us either whole or in tiny pieces which have polluted soil, air and water. For


reason, plastic waste has been affected human life and the lives of other useful living plants and animals.

In addition

, as the result of advanced


, private vehicles


as cars and motorbikes are more common and affordable to everyone, contributing to air pollution in metropolitans. Nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds come from car exhaust. They not only creates hazy smog that reduces visibility, but


harms plants, irritates the eyes, and causes respiratory distress.

In conclusion, the advancement of science and


has provided several advantages and plays an important role in modern human life. But I totally agree with the opinion that scientists created many serious problems and still cannot find definite solutions to tackle



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