The crime rate nowadays is decreasing compared to the past due to advances in technology which can prevent and solve crime. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

perspectives on how to tackle


have been one of the most topics to debate all over the world.Some people believe that crime rates have


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obvious reduction over the past years because of the modern technology implementation,while others think about it is prevalent and widely spread around the globe.I partly agree with both notions and will examine both views with substantial reasoning.

To begin

with,crime rates have been declined because of the dominant technology advancement in many sectors.The revolution in several automation fields ended with aiding the government with new technological weapons which curb


more effectively.By spreading CCTV cameras equipped with advanced surveillance tracking systems, catching suspicious criminals might be easier.

For instance

,in the UK plenty of murder


have been


solved,the reason for


is that far superior and complicated software is used to track down lawbreakers.

On the contrary



still remain in mystery due to their solving complexity.Cybercrimescrimes are one of the most difficult cases to be investigated by the police or even investigation offices as the offenders have been used a new assault outlet rather than old traditional ones.

For instance

, a Russian cyber gang has been hacking a server of an institution and they were successful in fraud 70$ million bitcoin in just a moment.


the endless efforts to down tackle those criminals , it was impossible as they mask their identity and use fake addresses.After a few months of intensive investigation, the only thing that was found was that they are Russian.Who they are and how they have made it still remains unknown.

To sum up,technology advancements are the key for addressing complex cases through using complicated networks and appliances,while hacking


still need


inventions and a deep understanding of their theory of how they are happening .

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