The best way to motivate employees is to increase their salary. Do you agree with this statement? Are there other ways to encourage employees to work better?

Companies all over the world are always trying to look for better and more efficient ways to reward their staff. Some employers think that an excellent idea to increase work productivity and employees_ morale is to increase their earnings;


, there are a number of other methods to achieve


goal. In my opinion, financial incentives may not be the most effective way of motivating the



of all, money is an important issue that concerns how an individual chooses his employment and his career.

In other words

, the financial stability offered by a job stimulates people to complete their duties faster and achieve the company_s targets.

For instance

, bonuses and financial incentives, which are offered by the managers to the workers at the end of a business quarter, would encourage them to work harder and more efficiently over the



As a result

, a lot of businesses use


method and in


way, they keep their workforce contented.




might not be the right way in the long term because not all the workers can be awarded equally so,


, differences would appear and that would create a counterproductive workspace.

On the other hand

, remuneration is not the only method to achieve company prosperity and it should be accompanied by other practices.

That is

to say, organisations should try to find innovative ways to make their employees motivated. One clear example of


situation would be creating a productive and friendly workplace that would make every working individual eager to return every morning.




could be achieved by creating workplace amenities and services, like a new canteen that offers complimentary lunch or drinks.


, renovating the offices to modern standards and organising parties and celebrations would be additional methods of increasing performance.

In conclusion, increasing salaries would be a solution for a short period of time and it would not be an appropriate idea to motivate all the individuals working in the organisation.


, companies should work on introducing workplace conditions that would benefit all the workers, not just a few of them.

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