The best way to deal with the rising problem of traffic and transportation is to encourage people to live in cities rather than in the suburbs or in the countryside. To what extent do you agree.

In recent times, it is becoming more preferable to combat the increase in congestion on the roads by recommending that individuals reside in the metropolis against living in the village.


essay will explain why


is the right decision to make as regards


the roads.


, most towns

have been observed

has been observed

to have a robust transport system which is able to manage and control the influx of vehicles.



as a result

of the high number of industries in


area which makes it imperative to improve the road network for the quick movement of finished goods after production.

For instance

, the popular car manufacturing company, Innoson which predominates the southern part of the country has invested greatly in the maintenance of roads as well as in assisting the government to train workers in the Road safety department, an office specially tasked with the responsibility of controlling traffic in the urban environs.


, if more people stay in the towns


of the countryside, it will be an significantly reduce the rate of accidents that are occurring frequently.


is because the distance from the homesteads to places of work is far off and when a lot of people leave home at the same time to avoid the onslaught of the jam, there is a high probability of mishap occurring.

For example



week the village of Ibuku lost over 20


originating where it is found

who were involved in a ghastly motor accident on their way back from work.

In summary, I strongly agree that the best alternative to combat traffic is to advocate that people stay in the urban regions


of the villages.

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