The best curriculum is not one based on a static body of knowledge, but one which teaches students to cope with change. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

People who are concerned with the current education argue that an excellent curriculum does not overly emphasize one form of knowledge,


must provide various learnings to ensure that


can cope with the progressive world. I completely agree with


statement, and in




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I will discuss why


belief should be considered a standard of education.

Educational specialists have already proven that learners are more attentive in lessons when teachers integrate contemporary contexts into the subject matter.


have wandering minds when they are not interested in the topic and tend to undervalue the significance of the lesson,


teachers will try to explain it in an enthusiastic way,


including practicals that might trigger the interest of the



For instance

, in studying art,


not only learn about how to paint on a canvas but


on digital devices. In


method, schoolers are now exposed to old and new methods of learning a skill.

Every generation requires new skills in response to the technological transition that we experienced annually. Instructors today ought to be trained on how to be efficient facilitators of knowledge, they should master both theory and practice to ensure that they can produce globally competitive graduates.

For example

, universities should always allocate and prioritize facilities for


_ exercises, like computer lab for IT majors and science lab for science majors;


is an essential aspect to make sure that learners are exposed to the real resources and skills they need once they work on their respective fields.

In conclusion, education today must emphasise how


can cope in the present and in the future. We can surely attain


through the integration of modern concepts into every subject matter while making sure that schools provide trained teachers and modern resources for


_ practice.

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