Tests and examinations are a central feature of school systems in many countries. Do you think the educational benefits of testing outweigh any disadvantages?

Nowadays, the debate whether the educational pros of testing outweigh any cons or not has caused a ruckus among myriads of citizens. Those who are in favour of


shift believe that it enables the parents to regularly review their children_s academic level;

however opponents

Accept comma addition
however, opponents

disagree-claiming that it may over stress students.


essay will discuss both the benefits and the drawbacks for tests and examinations.
There is a vast plethora of merits regarding


disputatious issue.


and foremost, not only does it keep the parents constantly updated with their children_s academic level at school, but it


enables teachers to know who is paying attention at class and who_s not.


it may seem hectic and


consuming for teachers to keep correcting all these exams, it is beneficial to help the students to net some A*s on their paper. Another benefit is that honestly students are coerced to study harder during exam days.

For example

, if exams have not existed, students would not have gone the extra mile to reach their zenith of success!
Despite the obvious positives, one cannot turn a blind eye on the incontestable negatives. The


and the most salient one is that some students may find it superfluous to keep stressing over school exams especially in the beginning of the academic year. Even though it might seem back breaking burden to study the lesson every


they have an exam,


checkup will definitely make studying for the final exam a lot easier. Another drawback is that students may find exams wasting their


because there will not be enough


to study what they have taken at school daily.

That is

to say that according to many researches, it has been stated that students should learn how to manage their


effectively and set their priorities.
To take all points into consideration, I fervently acquiesce that its pros, without negotiation outnumber its cons, because regular checkup is the bedrock of success to know exactly where every student stands.

On the other hand

, I


recommend that teachers should not set many exams in order not to put pressure on students.

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