Students learn far more with their teachers than other sources (the internet or television). To extent do you agree or disageree?

It is often argued that most student studies more from their teacher at school rather than other materials,


as the internet or television. To


notion, I completely disagree because of globalization and a lot of educational TV programs that make


easily search and learn from the web or other telecasts.

On the one hand, Globalization is happening for the


few decades worldwide.


current situation has available for knowledge seekers from around the world to learn from each other and to find as much as possible in cyberspace or other platforms.

For instance

, Youtube channels are rated as the


source of information in a recent decennial survey conducted by the national school_s authority.

That is

why, even in pandemic situations, most


got educated through online classes and new-age learning modes like Vedantu and Byju_s.

On the other hand

, television


has become another resource for


to learn something new. Multiple infotainment channels provide unknown data that are not included in the school_s curriculum. As long as parents guide and supervise their children while watching




can get benefit from watching them. The craze among


for programs like innovations in science, and data loading can better exemplify that the younger generation is keen on learning concepts in an interesting way than the monotonous lectures.

To conclude, globalization and innovative infotainment channels programs have successfully grabbed the young learners_ attention and are nearly replacing a teacher_s role in the learning process.

As a result

, I completely disagree with the message that


learn more information from teachers than from other sources available around them.

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