Students from disadvantaged families and rural areas are finding it difficult to gat a university education. Some people believw that universities should help them. To what extent do you agree or diasgree?

A poorly is a major problem around the world. It has been observed in many countries that,students who belong to poor families have difficulties to an arrange money for their studies.Some people believe that the


authorities can release some facilities for them.I agree with a notion to a large extent,my statement will be elaborated



Why the poor


have thought to survive while studying. To answer it, there are many things needed for


,like rent house, meals,dinner,electricity bills, books.These types of all-expense are quite difficult for poor


to arrange.


, the


system could supply a free hostel room along with lunch as well as dinner, and free books.

For example

, in India,the government colleges have all the free facilities for a tribal community.


, a university can offer some part-time jobs to these students,towards which they can earn some money for their daily needs.

For instance

,70% of American


do a part-time job in their own campus like in the library, canteen., the idea can be beneficial for rural children.

On the other hand

, we cannot ignore the facilities of government universities .Nowadays, authorities provide a large amount of a scholarship to all poor as well middle-class children for their all needs, they have a free hostel including meals.Every year Canadian government supplies 500 dollars per student.

In conclusion,it has been accounted that tribal children have difficulties surviving while


.I believe that


situation can be solved by the authorities.


, poor


can complete their studies without difficulties.

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