Some young people are leaving the countryside to live in cities and towns, leaving only old people in the countryside. What problems are caused by this issue? What can be done to solve this situation?

There has been a significant rise in the movement of young people to cities from their rural areas in recent decades leaving their grandparents and other elderly live alone.

As a result

, it has certain ramifications to the society and country.

There are some predominant factors which have triggered the issue, particularly, search for jobs and higher studies due to lack of job opportunities and good educational institutions in


the countryside

because of which population growth in cities rise exponentially. Another point to consider is,


trend widens the communication gap between the elder people and the young people making the younger generation disconnected to the s of their culture and traditions.

For example

, a recent survey conducted in India shows that around 40% people were admitted to old age homes as compared to the data received one year back which was majorly due to


the migration

of their children to nearby cities.

There are potential ways to improve the scenario. The


and foremost is that rural areas should be

given emphasis on the

given the emphasis on

economic front by the countries.


means that necessary facilities must be set up


as hospitals, schools and colleges and other infrastructure which will increase the employment opportunities for the rural people which will


reduce the number of young people moving to another city or town.

The contracts with big business houses to increase

their investment options to

their investment options





solve the problem to a great extent. To illustrate, a recent contract has been signed by the Indian government with Reliance Industries to set up their project of textile in a small village of Rajasthan which will generate impressive employment opportunities to the native people.

To conclude, I will say that old people are the ones whose experience can certainly help a country flourish and develop.


, leaving them could have consequences for the development of a nation.


, there becomes an urgent need to implement some effective measures to cease


trend so that country can prosper with balanced regional growth.

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