Some teachers think that international student exchange would be beneficial for all teenage school students. Do you think its advantages will outweigh the disadvantages?

One of the crucial developments in pedagogical systems of modern countries is international


exchange which brings about numerous pros as well as a few cons. I strongly reckon that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far.

On the one hand, critics of these programs assert that some downsides are associated with them, among which the most significant is the


barrier. The pupils transferred to another country often can not reach high competence in the


of the destination country due to the vast variety of languages.

For instance

, consider a German


who should travel to Brazil. Portuguese is not a popular


in Germany, and it is hard for teenagers to find professional teachers to learn it.


, the curriculum is not similar in different countries, while some courses are not taught in other countries or taught in other grades.

On the other hand

, I believe that its positives cannot be rivalled.


exchange provides an astonishing experience for adolescents by broadening their horizons and helping them to become familiar with different cultures and lifestyles.


, despite the


issues mentioned above, pupils take the advantage of learning new languages to some extent.


, they emphasize their social skills and grow their circle of communication, whilst they train how to deal with diverse communities as well. Research shows that students who attended these exchanges averagely achieved higher success in business in the future thanks to better communication skills.

To conclude,


some demerits could be assigned to international


exchange, I believe that its merits are more considerable. It is better to make some alterations to these programs to reduce their hassles and empower the advantages.

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