Some people think that young people should follow the traditions of their society, and other think young people should be free to behave as they will. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, there is a currently-prevailing notion that youngsters should follow the traditions of their society as


will keep the customs alive. On the one hand, a group of people entrust that it should be strictly followed alternatively some folks, including me, believe it_s opposite.


comprehension will discuss both these aspects with some specific references to validate the argument.


and foremost, the undeniable fact is that the pre-set social customs not only make an individual feel empowered but, unveils a sense of uniqueness in his or her character too. Thereby, these traditions prove successful in providing the virtue of one_s ancestral history.

For instance

, Diwali


known as “Festival of Lights” in India, is celebrated to symbolise the defeat of evil over the good. The stories which revolve around the aforementioned reference enables its followers to seek for hope despite any difficulty.


, by following these traditions, it should not incentivise the concept of being a blind-follower


the focus should be on comprehending the moral value of the whole concept.

On the contrary

, I strongly opine that freedom must be granted to the


generation as it will accelerate them to bring revolutionary changes to the pre-existing norms and will eventually uncover a plethora of opportunities.


, in some regions, these customs are very harsh in nature which can drift folks away from their families.

For example

, child marriage was highly popular in Asian Countries up until the British invasion which later on barred


practices. Followed by other examples like Polygamy, Widow remarriage and many more.


, I concur that


rules do not imply any sense of humanity and


should be immediately prohibited.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that though human lives often become accustomed to the societal pressure making it is crucial for everyone to be aware of their heritage,


, following any custom blindly is not a satisfactory step since there can be numerous lags as well.


, it is important to understand that things change with varying times and


, a proper equilibrium needs to be attained which will introduce some new rules with a blend of certain historical traditions


, create a perfect blended combination.

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