Some people think that wild animals should not be kept in zoos. Others believe that there are some good reasons for having zoos. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

In modern times, the issue of keeping the savage animal in zoos has become highly controversial. It is frequently said that zoos are not an ideal place for the wild beast,


, others say that


should be kept in zoos for several reasons. In


easy, I will discuss both sides of


contentious argument and provide my own perspective.
Generally speaking, there a wide range of reasons why people compel that animals should not be kept in zoos. Perhaps the main reasons why people are in favour of


idea is that animals have the right to dwell their natural habitats because it will make their lives happier and easier.

For example

, if animals live in the forest, they will freely roam around and experience different seasons as well as being around other animals.

In addition

, they are kept alone in a cage which can make them feel isolated.


can lead to the death of the animal and suppress their natural instinct of praying.


argument, there are more convincing arguments about why zoos are important. The primary reason is the change of the natural habitats when people artificially transform the environment, they destroy the vegetation and animal_s natural habitats.

As a result

, many species are being endangered. So, zoos are the only safest territory to protect the threatened animals.


, zoos can serve as a spectacle of human beings to see many different kinds of wild species


as birds, lions, tigers, mammals, fishes, et cetera all in one place. As a consequence, people may gain immense knowledge of wildlife by observing them closely.

In conclusion,


is a topic that raises strong passions on both sides of the argument. Having both sides of the viewpoints I argue that wild animals should not be held in zoos; they should enjoy their natural habitats. If we want to protect animals from poaching, we can create some wild environments rather than zoos.

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