Some people think that the only way to be successful in business is to have a unique product. Discuss if you agree or disagree and give your opinion


, it_s believed by some people that having an idea that stands out in the market is the way to succeed in the marketplace.


, in my opinion, there are various factors that contribute in making a business profitable.


essay will discuss how factors like teamwork, planning and government policies play a vital role in the growth of companies.


, having a different product does have its advantages over others. It gives the business a


mover advantage in that field which is still untapped by the rest of the entrepreneurs.

For example

, Tesla was one of the pioneers when it entered the commercial production of electric cars.

In addition

, to


other person cannot replicate the product easily as the technological know-how is still not available. Due to


, an idea

that is

new to the market provides an edge over the competition.


, there are several factors that are more important that helps a trade to flourish. Particularly, having a hard working and efficient team is very crucial for a company.

For instance

, a good team can make an average idea work wonder_s


the vice-versa is not true.


, planning and supportive government policies can be a defining factor for an enterprise.

As a result

, other factors play an equally critical role in comparison with a unique product.

To conclude, there are multiple factors that influence any corporate

growth which

Accept comma addition
growth, which

need_s to be given equal weightage. Any trade cannot grow with only being dependent on a single factor. There are several parameters like government start up rules, quality of the team and business planning that helps in the expansion and profitability of an enterprise.

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