some people think that students who achieve the best academic results should be rewarded. other believe it is more important to reward student who show improvement. discuss both opinion and views.

In the recent century, attention to education increase. Some people believe it is important to get a prize for students who get the best academic results. But in the other view, some people think it is more significant to reward students who get development in skills.


essay will discuss the above ideas.


, encourage students is one of the ways to improve them and to keep in the true line.
Evidence suggests academic educating is one of the ways people can develop in their life. Despite


, if students achieve the best result of academic education, we should reward students.

For example

, when students go to university and have a plan for the future, they will help to science and society. That student should get a prize because


, maybe they will solve some problems about society and the


, they are genes. The government should be supporting them.

On the other hand

, some students have less IQ or they don_t like studying. We should encourage children to improve study or they found talent. To illustrate


, when the children get bad marks on math, parents shouldn_t punish them, they speak to their child and understand why he or she doesn_t like to study. And rewarded them when he or she get some improvement. It can be less stress them. The main point, schools, and parents don_t compare the children with them. Because every student has different talent so comparing can disappoint them.
Summary, considering the points discussed above, both groups of students should be rewarded. Because we shouldn_t compare students with them. They have a different personality.

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