Some people think that secondary school children should study international news as one of the school subjects. Other people think that it is a waste of valuable school time. What do you think?

Model Answer: [Band 8/9 sample answer.]
The strength and prospect for the global media to shape the views of today’s youth and to educate them are significant. However, while some opine that the global media and international news, as part of education, have no important impact on secondary education, others believe that international news should be studied by those pupils to reap its benefits. This essay attempts to examine the issue by diving deep into it. I believe that international news as part of the secondary education syllabus is important. , On the one hand, global media enriches young people’s understanding of contemporary affairs and enhances their views and perspectives. It is due to the fact that international affairs, as part of education, not only make them more conscious and knowledgeable but also connect global youths in the same platforms. For example, a study run by Oxford sociologists showed that the media heavily influenced teenagers’ knowledge of contemporary affairs which have a highly positive impact on making them aware of the world. This awareness makes them global citizens and encourages them to share ideas. , On the contrary, many critics argue that teenagers would be negatively affected by the global media’s focus on negative issues of international events like wars and civil unrest if they are included in their education. This is because exposure to violence often leads to depression and the youths may grow an apathy towards our history and global politics. For example, recent surveys have discovered that despondent teenagers usually cite the dismal state of the world as a source of their depression. Since mental health is an important objective of secondary education, it is, therefore, questionable whether the study of international news would benefit young students. , In conclusion, it is clear that there are reasons for and against the study of news at secondary school. However, educators and authorities can mke it more useful by adopting proper policy and teaching methods, and reap the benefits of teaching young students international news as part of their academic education. , [Written by  – Stephen]

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