Some people think that schools have to be more entertaining, while others think that their sole purpose is to educate. Which do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Educational system accompanies children through many years in their life. While some people believe that they should only aim to educate their students, others think their role should be more entertaining.


essay will discuss why education is the basic role of these schools, but not the sole



Children pass around eighteen years of their life in educational institutions. During


long phase, they acquire all needed information to build their personality, career and future. No Doubt, education is the main target at schools, children must assimilate all kinds of information in many majors.

For instance

, studying math, science, literature and many other topics will enrich their background knowledge.


, it will influence their personal preferences and major_s decision at a later stage.


, education will always be the main target of these institutions, but surely not the only



As mentioned previously, children_s personality will mainly be affected by school_s environment and experiences.


, entertainment should


take part in


long educational process. Sport activities, are


example, it enriches their physical health on


hand, and mental health

on the other hand

. Social group projects are


very entertaining. Emerging children in the outdoor environment, elaborate their sense of responsibility. Whether helping elderly or giving food to needed families; all kinds of social interactions will boost their experience in the real world.

In conclusion, educational institutes_ duties are not only to load tons of data into the child_s head. I totally agree that entertainment should take part of


learning process, because it enriches children_s experience and elaborate their sense of responsibility towards their social environment.

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